About us

About Us

Started in the year 2013 representing very well known manufactures from all over
the world (Europe mainly) in regional market, and satisfying the market with
various kinds of products, in various domains. In 2002, the company expanded and
started a global business for perfumes in Dubai and later on developed its
activities more in European countries. At this stage, the idea of Anfas Alkhaleej
became clearer and more imperative which inspired us to deeply study the Arabic
essential oils and scents to combine perfumes in the base of natural essential oils.
With the goal of achieving global fame in the world of perfumes, the company came
to UAE to introduce and establish the business and chose Dubai as our headquarters.


To become pioneer in fragrance industry by providing unique high quality, natural fragrances that enhance
creative benefit and add value to our customers.
Our unique and signature fragrances have created loyal clientele, men and women who value fine, and
authentic scents. They are our highest appreciative customers satisfied by our high quality.
Hello from
Welcome to Anfas Al Khaleej Perfumes. I'm proud to lead a company rooted in a love for Arabian fragrances and a commitment to excellence.

Our journey began with a simple vision: to create exceptional scents that bridge tradition and innovation. We've dedicated ourselves to sourcing the finest ingredients, working with talented perfumers, and crafting fragrances that tell unique stories.

At Anfas Al Khaleej Perfumes, we understand that fragrance is personal and powerful. It transports you, elevates your mood, and boosts your confidence. Our range of scents, from classics to modern blends, offers something for everyone.

We've faced challenges and celebrated successes, always driven by our passion for perfumery. Sustainability and ethical practices are central to our mission.

Thank you for choosing Anfas Al Khaleej Perfumes. Whether you're a longtime supporter or new to our brand, we're grateful for your trust. Together, we'll continue to explore and celebrate the world of fragrance.

Warm regards,

Ammar Bakri
Chairman, Anfas Al Khaleej Perfumes
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